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2011-06-16 #3
I wish people would stop arguing politics at extremes.  We don't want no government or big government, we want to determine the amount of support services and emergency help that's appropriate.  I'm also sick of people, usually those on the right side of the political spectrum, creating weasel words for terms for ideas on the other side.  It's a straw-man attack, and it's disgusting.
2011-06-16 #2
I don't really understand why Microsoft hasn't faced a class-action lawsuit for the flaws in their software.  Microsoft OSes in particular, for the wide adoption, are so incredibly vulnerable.  The fault for using the vulnerabilities may rest with individual hackers, but the sheer number of ways in makes the hacker's job a lot easier than it has any right being.
2011-06-16 #1
I figured out why I'm starting to take to M*A*S*H as a TV series. I can sympathize with many of Hawkeye's predicaments.
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